About Upgrading

Do I need a new version of my Triple Triangle plug-ins for Creative Cloud?

Each new 'year' of InDesign for Creative Cloud requires updated plug-ins and configuration files. We will provide you with a new deployment that has the updated plug-ins.

How do I upgrade to a new version of Creative Cloud?

Existing customers can begin the upgrade process by emailing us. You can email your Triple Triangle representative directly, or email upgrade@tripletriangle.com to get started. The sections below address some commonly asked questions about the upgrade.

What should I sent with my request?

When requesting an upgrade for Creative Cloud, please specify the year (e.g. Creative Cloud 2014, Creative Cloud 2015, etc).

We usually have your latest slug styles, but if you modified your slug styles yourself please include your last .ttsx file in a zip.

Will you help me with the upgrade?

Yes. We will assemble a custom deployment package (a single folder that contains your slugs, licensing information, and the software) for you when you upgrade.

When we put together the deployment package, we also have an opportunity to review your slug and mention recently added features which might be appropriate for your workflow.

Will documents from previous InDesign versions convert properly to the latest version?

Yes. The content managed by our software (slugs, callouts, etc) continues functioning properly when you upgrade an existing document to a newer version of InDesign.