Create spec sheets and branding guides.

Color Spec Cubed creates callouts that show key properties of content in InDesign.


"One of our customers has very precise branding requirements. Color Spec makes creating branding guides, and quality checking ads, much more accurate and efficient."
Color Spec Cubed helps studio artists to ensure documents conform to branding and quality guidelines.

Create visual style guides

Quickly and accurately create callouts that identify the fonts, colors, and linked graphics used in your documents.

Quality control documents

Callouts can also be used to quality control documents against an existing branding guide.

Move, edit, and print callouts

When you move a callout, its corresponding arrows adjust automatically. You can add additional comments to callouts, and print them just like any other InDesign content.
Color Spec Cubed Demonstration


Start with a free trial

Most customers have the software fully deployed before they purchase.

Free Trial


  • Unlimited support
  • Lasts about one month
Color Spec Cubed License

$176 / user

  • Upgrades and support for one year
  • Volume discounts start at 5 users