Support Article: How can I customize or revise my slugs?

Your slugs are just layouts within InDesign, and can be edited using InDesign without our software installed.

If you are doing a trial

If you are doing a trial, please open SlugCustomizationStarterKit:StartHereToCustomize.indd, which is included with your trial download. It contains instructions and starter templates which you can edit and return to us.

If you are an existing customer

Please email support@tripletriangle.comand let us know that you would like to modify your slugs. We will send you the latest template-versions of your slugs, which you can edit directly in InDesign. You can then return them to us, and we will integrate your changes and send you an updated deployment.

Please request your latest slug templates from us each time, rather than editing and re-sending templates that we sent previously. When we integrate your changes, we often make minor fixes and changes, and those changes are likely to get lost if you go back and edit an older version of your slug templates.