Mechanical Cubed is deployed at over seventy five percent of large advertising agencies in North America. The case studies below describe some of the benefits of Mechanical Cubed.

mcgarrybowen - New York

"The Studio never has to worry about filling in any slug data or mistyping a measurement. The mechanical shell is created in seconds and the Studio can concentrate on content and layout."

Maria Shippee - Digital Systems Manager

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Young and Rubicam - Southern California

"After one week we realized what a time saver we had on our hands and couldn't imagine how we worked all these years without it. Production artists were able to cut 5-10 minutes of setup time for each job that they worked on."

Zachary Plonski - Studio Manager

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Buckledown Publishing - Iowa

"Mechanical Cubed made a very tedious and time-consuming task almost disappear. We easily spend 80% less time creating and updating job slugs."

Christina Nantz - Marketing Arts Director

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McCann Erickson - New York

"Triple Triangle is a bridge that ties InDesign into our workflow in a complete way. This is obviously a huge time-saver. When the project manager gives us correct information, it remains correct three steps later and no one has to retype it."

Stefani Pagano - V.P., Mgr. of Digital Services

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Mechanical Cubed automates the creation and maintenance of crop marks, fold marks, and slugs. It also creates mechanicals from electronic job tickets, and populates digital asset management systems with workflow-related information for advertisements.

Automate Approval and Preflighting

Maintain slugs that consistently display workflow status, approval, and preflighting information.

Create and Maintain Crop and Fold Marks

Add crop and fold marks that visually indicate key areas of the document. Resize the document easily.

Automate Mechanical Creation with an Electronic Job Ticket

Use excel, Filemaker, or PDF job order forms to eliminate manual data entry when setting up mechanicals.

Make Slug Information Searchable in your DAM

All the information in your slug is exposed to common digital asset management systems using an Adobe standard called XMP


Mechanical Cubed is a suite of four components. This table shows the pricing for the entire suite, and for two components purchased separately:

Product Price Per User Functionality
Slug Support Crop Support Job Order Integration Asset Management Integration
Mechanical Cubed$326
Slug Cubed $199
Crop Cubed$149

Site licensing and volume discounts

Volume discounts are available for sites with at least five users. Every site has a single license key that is pre-installed with the software for convenient administration.

How to purchase

The purchase process typically starts with a trial. You can request a trial in the Trial section. During the trial, we can send you a price quote which discusses return-on-investment based on your specific usage of the product.


You can use the links below to request a trial. We will send you a fully functional 30-day trial of the software.

Color Spec Cubed is only available on OS X.

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