If you are interested in one of our products, you can start by reviewing the narrated demonstrations available in the Overview sections for Mechanical Cubed and Color Spec Cubed .

The demonstrations, which last less than two minutes each, provide a concise overview of what our products do.

Learn More with a Trial or Phone Call

Once you have reviewed the narrated demonstrations, there are two ways to proceed.

Trial Installation
If one of the products is clearly relevant to your workflow, you can request a trial for Mechanical Cubed and Color Spec Cubed We will help you get started with the trial.
Phone Discussion
If you are not sure whether the products would address your specific needs, feel free to email us or give us a call. We are happy to discuss your workflow, and whether our products are a good fit for your specific goals.

Request a Price Quote

If you determine that the products would work well for you, we are happy to provide an official price quote. Our price quotes contain background information that can be helpful in constructing a business case for the purchase.

Per user pricing information is available in the pricing sections for both for Mechanical Cubed and Color Spec Cubed .

Contact Sales

You can reach sales at (206) 240-2683, or by emailing sales@tripletriangle.com.